A year ago our English teacher asked us if
we wanted to have some Skype sessions where we
had to talk with Polish students about topics
that we could choose.
At the beginning we were a bit afraid,
but then we took courage and decided to do it.
This year we are continuing these sessions
and we don't regret the original decision.
It has been a very good experience, that we’d
like to do again. We had the possibility
to talk in English with someone who didn't know us,
but sometimes it was difficult to express
what we wanted to say. Despite all,
we liked those moments, because in that
way we were able to be spontaneous: it seemed
like we were having a real conversation, without
thinking too much of what to say.
For Polish students wasn't the first
experience with Skype session, but they put
us at ease without making as feel ashamed.
During sessions we discovered some things
that we didn't know about Poland,
for example their main sports or about the
working field in their country.
We talked with them also about their future projects,
their routine, their family and their hobbies.
This experience has made us grow,
improving our English and our personality.
We suggest this experience to all students,
because in this way you can improve your skills and your language.

Giorgia, 3T

Another school year is going to finish and it takes
away with it the good and the bad times. During this year a lot of things have happened
to me and they have made me grow up in term of personality and of knowledge too.
I'm attending the third year and I have started studying new
subjects like tourism and also a new language: Spanish.
I'm not in the same class of last year because in my school there is the possibility to choose between three
different courses of studies; so given that I had choosen "tourism",
I have started this new school year with a lot of new classmates
who are very nice and always kind to me. I think I have been
very lucky to meet people like them because they have never made me feel left out.
Unfortunately, like in every group, sometimes we
have had bad times since it's impossible to agree
with everyone all the time but these experiences are also
useful to grow and learn how to relate to other people without hurting or being hurt by them.
For me, this year has been a bit harder than the last one,
maybe bacause of the new subjects and the various projects that we have
done for our training period but despite this I'm proud of my results, mostly in terms of marks.
Moreover, during this year I have improved
my abilities in English and I hope to be able to improve them even more.
I haven't started my training period yet,
but I think that it will be another beautiful experience and
I hope I will give the best of me during this period.
Last but not least, I think that it's very important to have
the possibility to study and we don't have to waste it
because in my opinion if you know a lot of things in general
about culture or other fields you will live better
because a close minded person will never appreciate the world and the people that lives in it.
So if we increase our level of knowledge we will understand a lot of things that
maybe for someone could be strange and find explanations or also learn something new from them.

Beatrice 3T


In this school year our class did many activities during English lessons.
At the start of the year we talked about tourism and the words linked to this topic,
then we talked about the different types of jobs,
always related to the world of tourism.
In midterm we had an experience with a mother
tongue teacher that comes from South Africa.
With this teacher who is called Lisa we have talked
about the history of South Africa with Nelson Mandela,
the apartheid system and the rights won by black people.
We have also talked about the Geography of that country and the animals that live in it.
We learned that in South Africa there are 5 important
animals called the Big 5 (Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Rhyno and Leopard).
They are considered important because they are the most difficult to hunt.
After this experience and between one grammar
lesson and the other we spent some time with another
English teacher who told us about gender identity.
During this period we worked on the stereotypes about
men and women and about gender expression for example the way someone dresses.
A project that is the last topic of the year, is about our territory.
This project was started from our Business teacher who has had the idea to work on our region.
After he has made the decision also to make us explain the project also in English.
I liked this project a lot because it talks about
our territory and also because I love the region where I live.
Moreover, I think this project can help us in a future working
life because in our geographical area there are
many foreign tourists every year and knowing
how to explain an itinerary in a language accessible
to them in my opinion is very important.

Tommaso, 3T


During the week, after school, our class has a lot of free time
to do what we like; first of all we love going out with our friends.
I think because in a small town a lot of people know each other,
so we can meet our friends without going too far.
Every people in our class in their free time listen to music, text
and study, but studying is almost an obligation if you want to get good marks.
Many of us practice a sport, like football, dancing, athletic,
volleyball, skating and rugby, so much of their free time is dedicated
to training.
Those who don't practice any sport use their free time to relax, watch
some films or series on TV, sleep, eat, read a book, walk the dog,
surf the internet or paint.
Some things that only a few people of my class do are cook, playing an
instrument, playing with the play station and writing.

Giulia D.M. 3^T


In our school, ITE Calvi, lessons start at eight am and finish
at one pm. We have five lessons everyday, but on Tuesdays and
Thursdays we have six lessons because we have fifty minutes for each subject.
In our class we have twenty five desks, a blackboard, a
interactive whiteboard and on the wall there are some posters.
Each element has its meaning. In a typical lesson the teacher
explains to the students the topic of the day and they write
in their exercise book the most important information, so
the desks and the blackboards are very important. After this,
some teachers want to do some exercises with the students,
while others prefer to talk about the difficulties about the
topic with the students. Teachers usually use the book to
explain their subject, but some of them also use the interactive
whiteboard to show the students some examples or to look up
some information on the internet.
To check that the students have understood the lessons, the
teachers plan some written or oral tests, then they give a mark
from 1 to 10.
During the school year we do some projects about what we’re studying
in each subject. We have English, French and Geography projects. Some
of them are about the most important topics in our class, tourism, while
others are made to improve our abilities in foreign languages.
Some of our teachers want to have “unusual” lessons, so they prefer
to speak with us and they don’t use the book. They think the standard
lesson isn’t useful for us and mostly they think working in groups is
more productive for our future.

Laura D.B. 3T


I think that’s important for every teenager to do some domestic chores,
to learn how to handle their own
responsibilities. In fact since I was young I’ve been used to
help my parents at home. But now that I study in
Belluno, I live in a boarding school run by nuns, so I have to
do few things, like making my bed in the
morning and keeping my room tidy.
At the weekends, when I go back home, I have more responsibilities
to deal with. First of all, I cook for
myself then I have to wash the dishes. I have also to bring my
dirty clothes in the laundry. My favourite task
is to go for a walk with my dog because it makes me feel relaxed.
When I return at home I have to brush
her and I also have to feed her.
Usually while I’m outside walking the dog, my mom does the shopping
then I help her to tidy it up.
When I’m busy, time moves so fast that it’s already dinner time and
I have to lay the table and finally me
and my family have dinner all together.

School year 2016/17


Questions on Sanok from 2°A Belluno

1) Is your town in the north or in the south of Poland?

2) Is your regioun internal or borders whit other states?

3) Are there in your town universities?

4) Is there in your town a sport team?

5) What is a special feature of your town?

6) I know Sanok is a turist town. Why? Have you some importants monuments?

7) I know in your town there is a river. Is it a big river?

8) Is Christmas more importan than easter

9) Which are the symbols of Italian food in Italy?

10) Which are famous food in Belluno?

11) How many people do leave in Belluno?

12) Where is Belluno in Italy?
A. Center
B. North
C. East
D. West
E. South

13) Which mountains do acrossed Belluno?

14) What is the highest mountain in Belluno?

15) Which are the most famous industry in Belluno? What do they produce?

16) Is there a National park in Belluno?

17) Which sports are popular in Belluno?

18) What is the most famous turist place in Belluno?

19) What river d acrossed Beluno?

20) What’s the name of Belluno’s square?
A. Piazza delle Erbe
B. Piazza dei Martiri
C. Piazza Duomo
D. Piazza Cavarzano

21) What’s the weather like there?

22) How many people are there in your town?

23) Do you have any famous singer in your town?

24) Are there museums in your town?


We did a survey in our class about hypotheses on our future and the majority
of us want to go to university when we leave school, to have an important
job in a place bigger than Belluno.

But, it’s more probable that they will find jobs locally, because there is
a high rate of unemployment, so the jobs can be unstable everywhere ,having
jobs here in Belluno, for example as bartenders or factory work.

But in spite of the difficulties, almost all of us want to move the other
countries like Australia or the USA, because they are very beautiful and
important places.

Most of us want a family with two children (a little boy and a little girl)
but half of us want three children!

In spite of this, not many want to marry with their partners.
Many want to have animals such as cats or dogs, and they want to live in
an apartment.

Laura and Giuliana, 2T

November 29th,2015


The climate is changing and will continue to change.
There are various hypotheses about how it can change:
deserts might expand due to high aridity and temperature
and pieces of ice will melt, forming new icebergs and more
species will become extinct.

The population will surely increase and If we continue
to live in this way natural resources will finish in
a short time, causing periods of famine because we
consume more than what nature can give us, so
we are forced to search new sources of energy.

About school or jobs, in the near future students won’t
use books anymore, because paper texts will be replaced
by tablets and computers, which will damage our sight.

Health problems will also increase, because people will
tend to stay at home more often to play videogames and
eat unhealthy foods, so obesity will become more and
more frequent..

Travel will be more expensive, but maybe in the
future scientists will invent new means of transport,
faster and eco-friendly. Maybe we will be able to fly
or to go to live on mars, but in a very long time,
because it is very difficult to bring life
to this place.

Most importantly, it’s up to us. We are the
future, we can change the world and we can
prevent the place we are living in
to be destroyed.

Martina and Anna, 2T

We think the planet Earth will be very different from now in the future.

Global temperature will rise: in some places there will be fires because
of the high temperatures and many forests will be destroyed.

The climate will change and in Africa, the deserts will become larger
and some African populations will disappear. In other places of the world,
for example in America, there will be floods because of the heavy rains.

Many villages along the coast will disappear, because the sea level will go
up. We think Venice will go under water, because in some periods of the
year water will cover this island. Some classmates think in The
Netherlands there will be very strong floods and they will disappear,
because they are under the sea level.

In the south of Italy, there will be deserts. Oranges and lemons will grow
in other countries, in the north of Europe: in Great Britain, in Germany
or maybe in Poland, because in these places there will be the temperature
that now we have in Italy.

We think natural resources will finish and people will find alternative
kinds of energy. Oil and coal, for example, will be replaced by hydrogen,
sun, wind and water.

Our class thinks some diseases will disappear because scientists will
discover new treatments, so the world population will increase, but in
Asia and in Africa there will be a lot of problems with food, water and work:
someone won’t have food and water, so they will probably die.

We think human life will be very different from now, there will be many
technological tools, and everybody will have a robot at home for doing houseworks.

Students will stay at home: there will be virtual classrooms, so every
student with a PC will be able to follow the lessons. Someone thinks that
teachers will be replaces by robots, others think teachers won’t lose their
job because a person is better than a robot or a PC.

Some of us think there will be flying cars, so there will be less traffic,
but others think that cars and trains will remain on this planet forever.
Certainly, the Earth will be less polluted from now, because scientists
will find a way to clean it.

In the future there won’t be places for everyone, because people will grow,
but the Earth can’t expand its territories, so scientist will find a way to
go to some other planets, for example to Mars, because they’ve just
found salt water there. So people will move to this planet.

Letizia and Silvia from 2A

November 13th,2015

School year 2015/16



Here in Italy we love eating good food.
In our class we are 26 people.
Today we speak of Italian food and our culinary preferences.
We did some research and found that 22 people prefer eating pizza and 4 people prefer eating at McDonald’s at lunch.
At dinner 6 people prefer eating sushi and 20 people prefer eating kebab.
We also found that usually 22 people prefer drinking cola and 4 people prefer drinking orange juice.
At breakfast 12 people prefer drinking milk and eating biscuits, 8 people drink tea and 6 people don’t drink and eat anything.
In Italy we have many typical foods, like pasta.
We eat pasta in many ways, for example with ragout or with tomato sauce.
Here cheese is really appreaciated.
We usually eat cheese after lunch and after dinner.
We usually eat fish, meat with salad and lots of fruits and vegetables.
Before lunch and before dinner we have an aperitif with cheese and ham.
At lunch and dinner we drink a glass of wine and mineral water and cola or orange juice.

Mariya, Matteo, Marin, Simone, Marco, Michela and Anna


Hello guys,
we want to speak about sports. We like sports! Thirteen guys of our class play in a team,
while nine guys practice individual sports. Five of us don’t practice any sports.
The most practiced sport is football, but kick boxing is practiced too.
Football is practiced by five of us; the other sports that we practice are:
volleyball, basketball, swimming, skiing, dancing, tennis, figure skating, kick boxing,
handball and artistic gymnastics. Seven of us have got training on Mondays, six of us
have training on Wednesdays, while thirteen of us have training on Thursdays, Tuesdays and on Fridays.
The majority of the people go training three times a week.
Eleven guys can ski. They go to the ski paths here in the Alps. Half of us practice professional sports,
the other half practice normal sports.
And you? Do you practice any sports? Do you prefer individual or team sports?
What are your favourite sports? How often do you practice sports?

Write soon,
Alessia, Alice, Arianna, Giuliano, Letizia and Sara from 1^A


In our class we wanted to know which is the favourite place that young people prefer.
We chose three places that young people go to. The first was a disco, the second
was our downtown and the third a park. We are 26 and 11 chose the disco,
10 downtown and five the park. Some people chose the disco because you can
dance there and listen to music; others chose the city center because you can
find bars there and have a drink with friends; others chose the park because
you can relax there. Another place where you can spend some free time is the
football pitch. There are also some shops or pubs. Our city is small, so there
aren’t many places young people can go to.

See you soon!
Tilman, Alex, Francesca, Martina, Silvia and Luca


Elisa loves meeting friends, listening to music and putting on some make up.
Valerio, like Elisa, likes meeting his friends, playing football and going skateboarding.
Elena likes listening to music. Niccolò plays with play station and likes football.
Leonardo likes playing basketball and football like Valerio and Niccolò, he also listens
to music and meets his friends.
Gioia likes listening to music and texting friends, Letizia and Alice like listening to music,
but Letizia prefers watching TV while Alice likes reading.
Sara likes reading, sleeping, meeting friends and listening to music.
Giuliano likes playing the guitar. Alessia and Arianna often listen to music and meet their friends.
Alessia also likes watching TV and reading.
Michela plays volleyball everyweek. Simone often listens to music and Marin plays tennis regularly.
Marco and Mariya, like everybody, love listening to music but Mariya ALSO sing and reads; she also does
GymnasticS. Matteo loves listening to music, doing sports and playing videogames.
Alex often plays football like Luca, but he also goes skiing.
Tilman plays basketball. Francesca goes skating and listens to music.
Finally, Martina often plays volleyball, meets her friends and listens to music.
So we always like listening to music and meeting our friends. Some also some do sport activities
like basketball ,volleyball and football.

That’s all for now!
Valerio, Niccolò, Elisa, Leonardo, Elena and Gioia

November 27th, 2014

Hi Polish guys!
How are you? We are fine!
We are 27 students in our class. We are from Italy and we live in Belluno, a town in the North-East of Italy.
We attend the first year in the ICT “Calvi”, a school which is specializing in Accountancy and Business studies.
We all like this school and we always work together.
Some students in our class are from foreign countries like Argentina, Ukraine and Moldova.
We are 13, 14 and 15 years old.
In our class there are three girls and one boy who are 13 years old.
Nine boys and eight girls are 14 and two boys and four girls are 15.
Our class is big, there’s a computer and there are some big windows, so we can see a beautiful view.
There’re a lot of tables and chairs obviously and two big blackboards.
In our school there’re a lot of facilities: a big gym, two classrooms with computers, a Maths lab, a Chemistry laboratory and a big library.
We haven’t got a swimming pool, but we have volleyball pitch.
There is a courtyard but we have our break inside the school. We don’t have a canteen because we all have lunch at home;
the lessons start at 8 a.m. and finish at 1 p.m. and we haven’t got any activities in the afternoon.
Our teachers aren’t bad. We all like Mister Lotto, the Italian teacher. He’s never angry and he always drinks coffee.
This is all for now. Tell us about your school and your class.
Write soon, bye.
Class 1^A

December 17th, 2014


60% of students in the class feel stressed about exams and tests,
but 100% want to continue their education after the compulsory age of 16.
Their favourite subjects are Maths and P.E. 100% of students study a
foreign language (German and English); only 16% play a musical instrument.

100% say that their favourite free time activity is hanging out with
friends. 88% play sport in their free time. 100% watch TV or listen
to music, 10% play computer games.

Only 8% walk to school on foot, 16% travel to school by car,
4% go to school by bike and 72% by bus.

Only 4% save an average of € 10.00 pocket money a week, and the
rest of people, 96%, ask some money to their parents.
And what do they buy?
They buy for example clothes, some CDs or they save some of the money.
Class 1^A
Last Entry

The school year is slowly coming to a close.
A month from now, we’ll be enjoying the summer break and throwing
our school backpacks in the corner for two months.
You know, this might have been written for a blog,
but after each year (and school year for now)
I have this peculiar habit of reminiscing it.
Learning from my mistakes,
finding things that worked out well in my life,
trying to fix what’s not right…
Deciding which path is the right one, at least for me.

The thing about school is that its main goal isn’t to teach
things that are in the textbook.
School wants you to be your own teacher.
Its main goal is to help you find yourself,
rethink your past, present and future decisions,
and show you what you are capable of.
I think this realization changed my outlook on some things quite a lot.
It reminded me that the most important
thing in my life so far – school life and…
well… just life – has been discovering myself.
I’m still learning, but the path is much clearer now.

With this in mind, I can tell you that this school year
has definitely been full of new experiences.
We’ve had a bunch of new classes and dropped
some others (and oh boy, for some I’m very glad we did).
In the last few weeks we even started some interesting courses,
like programming, web apps, physics, and a bunch of others I forgot.
So many new paths, so many new discoveries!
I took the programming course and physics
course and
I’m quite excited about it!
I actually had the programming one today (May 29th),
so… some of that excitement is still very fresh.

As for English… it’s a completely different story.
A completely different path, so to speak.
There’s no feeling of “newness” here.
English has been in my life since… forever I think.
I know, in the modern world this language is practically everywhere,
so it’s not unusual that it’s been in my life for so long.
But I feel like it’s becoming closer to me every year.
Around a month ago I was in the competition in the Krosno Higher School.
Out of around 70 people,
I earned the 8th place.
But do you know what made me happy the most that day?
My short story in English.
I thought it was actually quite decent!
I mean, not “a serious writer who publishes a few books per year” decent,
but for me it felt like a big milestone.
I haven’t written any remotely good stories in English before,
so I hope you can understand my self-pride!

This year I also started learning Norwegian.
To be fair, most of my actual learning takes place outside of school.
The most important thing in learning a language is using it.
That is, reading in it, talking in it, listening in it. I’m not trying to say that school’s not important.
Like I said before, it’s a place where you choose your path.
But to reach the end of that path, you need to leave familiar places and go into the unknown.
I’m still a beginner in Norwegian, but I’m learning.
Maybe I’ll go to Norway someday?
It’s one of my biggest dreams!

This school year has been so eventful for me that
I could probably fill entire pages about it!
But when I think about it, it all boils down to one thing: learning.
This stage of my life is basically a stage of learning.
Having fun, too, but isn’t having fun also this in some ways?
If you want to do it, you can learn something from everyone.
As someone once said, “Everyone knows something you don’t.
Everyone around you is a teacher”.
You’re a teacher, too. And so is everyone else.

Marcin Winnicki, 2TK


Hi, I'm Hubert. I'm 19 years old and I'm living in dormitory in Sanok for 3 years.
After that amount of time I can fairly tell you about differences between
living at the dorm and living in home.

First major difference - in dorm you are never alone. You live with 3-4 other
people and usually they have few other friends, girlfriend, so there is always
something happening in your room. It's not a bad thing if you like to meet new
people or having a conversations. But sometimes you just want to relax, take a
nap, play your instrument, and have a time for yourself. I think it's what
bothers me the most about living in dorm.

Second thing it's food. We have breakfast from 6am to 8am, dinner from 12:30 am
to 3pm and supper from 6pm to 7pm. For breakfasts and suppers we are usually
having corn flakes, cheese and ham, tomatoes, paprika. In my dorm I tried spinach
for the first time and discovered how tasty it is! But cooking for 100 people
is different than cooking for your family. So there's not always tasty dinners,
and not that much like in home. And you can forget about having a special
diet or eating every 2 hours unless you have enough pocket money to buy it
by yourself.

Third major difference is freedom of going wherever you want at anytime you want.
Between 4pm and 6pm we have "learning hours" when we are forced to stay in dorm.
Of course you can go to your private lessons or go see your parents. The thing is,
you have to be smarter if want to go out at these hours. In other time you can
go out wherever you want without permission but you have to return before 9:30pm.

There are of course much more other differences between house life and dorm life.
How do I find living in dorm? Well, it's a good lesson of adult life. You have
to follow the rules and remember that you are not on your own.

Hubert Faran 3 TI

"Hello, guys and gals, in a new school year!
Another year has come and gone, but our partnership is still unbroken!
With some new-timers and old-timers in the pack, we greet you and hope
for another fantastic year of our project! Yes, we have some new people
in the group, and how great people! Our conversation is going to happen
very soon and I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about, so we’ll just
say we’re looking forward to it! We have a lot of things to discuss,
so don’t disappoint us!"

Marcin Winnicki 2 TK


In my school – Technical School Complex (Zespół Szkół nr 3) in Sanok,
we have lessons from 8 am till 2 pm, from Monday to Friday.
Lessons last 45 minutes and we have five-minute breaks between them.
There are a lot of professional profiles in our school like: a car mechanic,
an IT specialist, an electrical technician and a mechatronics technician.
The school year begins on September 1st and ends at the end of June.
 We learn from coursebooks and school resources. The teachers dictate notes,
which we write in our notebooks. From time to time we have to write short
tests and exams for teachers to make sure that we understand everything.
They often give us extensive homeworks. 
 In some classrooms we have projectors and interactive whiteboards,
which we often use. We learn three different languages: Polish, German and English.
We have subjects like maths, physics, geography and history, too.
Each year we take the exam, which we have to pass. On ICT we learn
how to design websites, program applications in different computer languages,
manage databases. Students, who are on various profiles in our school
learn necessary skills for the professions that they've chosen. 
 Each year our school organizes a study trip to Ireland for best students.
This year we are going to Sligo – the city in the north of Ireland. 
 There are a lot of sport competitions, like: floorball, volleyball, handball. 

Rafał Czytajło 3 TI


Talking about leisure time, it is a great conversation to get started.
In this spare time, you can do many interesting things.
Some people prefer activities at home like: watching TV, reading,
cooking and playing video games. On the other hand, you can also
spend the time practicing sports such as: playing football,
basketball, swimming, running or skateboarding. At the end I gave
skateboarding because it is one of my favorite activities at
leisure time outdoors. Naturally during the winter season, which
is now with us it is turning into snowboarding for me. Also a
great way of spending time is meeting with friends, going to
the park or relaxing with your family. However, now more and
more often we do not have time to do something you really like.
We are all too busy and sometimes forget about our hobbies,
but this is an important part of our lives , therefore we mustn’t do this.
To sum up, there are numerous ways of spending one's free
time. The youth can make a choice between the active and passive
way to make the time pass by.

Jakub Teper 3Ti

School year 2016/17



1. In what part of Poland is Sanok located ?
a. south - east
b. south - west
c. north - east
d. north - west

2. Which company in Sanok is producing various rubber and metal - rubber seals?
a. Autosan
b. Stomil
c. PGNiG
d. Arriva

3. Which tourist attraction is located in Sanok ?
a. Wawel
b. Presidents Palace
c. Skansen
d. Biskupin

4. How many people live in Sanok?
a. around 10000
b. around 20000
c. around 120000
d. around 40000

5. On what river is Sanok located?
a. Vistula
b. Wieprz
c. San
d. Solina

6. Which of these famous people attended school in Sanok?
a. Andrzej Duda
b. Zdzisław Beksiński
c. Robert Lewandowski
d. Anna Wyszkoni

7. What is Autosan- a company located in Sanok - producing?
a. buses
b. low - calorie food
c. sneakers
d. wall ornaments

8. Which of the following isn't on Sanok's coat of arms?
a. a snake devouring a child
b. a fully armed knight
c. an eagle with a crown
d. the archangel Michael

9. What is the most popular museum in Sanok called in English?
a. Museum of Modern Art
b. Museum of Comparative Zoology
c. Museum of Sanok's Folklore
d. Museum of Folk Architecture.

10. There's a heritage site on a hill near the river San, which has a great historical significance
and dates back to the late 14th century. What is this place?
a. Castle ruins
b. A Fortress
c. A Royal Castle
d. A Romanian Church

Piotr & Marcin 1TK

November 29th,2015


We conducted a survey in our class. It was about our future. The results was very shocking!
It turned out, that majority prefer different job in the future than this which they are
learning about now in our school… About only 30% would like to be an IT Specialist.
Some students told us, that they prefer tinkering with cars. They said that is their life – cars!
That’s incredible. 20% students told that they are interested in English language
and they want to develop it. Huh, interesting. But we have one phenomenon in class.
It’s the girl, who wants to be seamstress. She told that she wants to write programs
which will improve sewing in the future.

So… every person in our class is different, and wants to do various things in the future.
Everyone knows what predispositions have, and what can do. Let’s do what you like a
nd don’t look at others. You are yourself and focus on oneself. Be who you want to
be and strive to the target. You are the best!

Magda & Marysia, 2TI

December 24th, 2016


As the humanity is changing, the world around it is changing, too.
People have a large impact on our planet and, since Earth is crucial
to their growth, that globe’s future is heavily dependent of us.

Ever since microprocessors were invented, the technology has been
advancing at incredible speeds. In 70’s, something like a smartphone
was unthinkable. Even primitive mobile phones were thought to be
a very “modern” idea, let alone phones that could play games, music
or let you surf the Internet. Now everyone has such a machine.
What could become of them in the future?

I believe the inventors will pick the road of holograms and virtual reality.
The electronics are much closer and more important to us than ever before,
so making them three-dimensional could actually help us with accepting
them as a part of our lives, which it inevitably becomes. This will be
the main reason for finding alternate sources of energy, with examples
stated by you: hydrogen, wind and water.

Another thing scientists hope for is space colonization. Humans always
dreamed about the great sky, from Galileo through Copernicus to Gagarin.
Interplanetary travel started not that long ago and it’s still evolving.
Just fifty years is surely enough to properly examine Luna, Mars and some
other celestial objects nearby, maybe even find some way to
terraform them for us to live on.

With space in mind, people of the future will have to unite. Thanks to technology,
languages will be no problem for anyone, but peace will be something everyone
will have to strive for. We should help each other, not fight.

As opposed to you, I think the world will be much more polluted than today.
Every type of waste is waste, even when it comes from water or hydrogen.
And unless people in charge of them will make some sort of a “landfill planet”
(which is kind of an interesting idea, if I do say so myself), more piles of waste
will scar our planet. This is actually one of scenarios that could
force us to retreat into outer space.

And the ones handling everything above will be machines. They will be everywhere:
in public places, houses, on space stations and in distant human colonies.
They will do everything: ironing your shirt, preparing meals, grooming your hair
before prom or even teaching you how to dance. And they will be owned by everyone:
you, your friend, your teacher and even your technophobic grandpa. Maybe there will
even be AI’s, to laugh with you during a school break or hug you when you’re feeling down?

Marcin Winnicki from 1TK

November 20th, 2015


"Hello Italian friends!
My name is Hubert, I'm from 2Ti it's a pleasure to meet you!
We are extremely proud that another year of our cooperation has just started!
In this year new people will join our project, beside me, there are 1st, 2nd
and 3rd formers mostly from Tm and Ti classes, which is mechatronics and IT technicians.
We can't wait for our Skype conversation on 27 November, it will be such fun to speak with you!
We would like to get to know you better and find out more about Italian culture.

That's all for now, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

November 13th,2015

School year 2015/16



We’re writing this short note, to say goodbye.
We regret that we weren’t able to talk on Skype, but hopefully we will
have a chance to continue the project next year.
We would like to get to know you better and plan together our
cooperation in September.
We wish you a nice holiday, take care of yourself.
Greetings for your English teacher.
Hope to hear from you soon

Students from 1TM and 2TM.

May 5th,2015


In Poland, people like to eat the local food such as dumplings, everyone likes them.
We often have traditional dishes such as dumplings, borscht and stuffed cabbage.
60% of my class like fast food in places like Mc Donald, Ankara, or Alibaba bar.
Almost all of us like to eat pizza, but also there are some individuals preferring a healthy diet, eating fruits and vegetables.
We like sweets, sometimes we eat ice cream, cookies, desserts and chocolate or candy bars, everyone in the world likes sweets :)
For breakfast often eat sandwiches with cheese and ham.
For dinner we eat mostly meat with potatoes and salad, or soup.
For supper some of us eat cereal with milk or toast.
Between meals we often eat apples, bananas or sweets. We drink a lot of water, tea, sometimes sweet drinks or coffee

Piotr Nowicki 2TM.


Sport is my hobby but I love football. When I was little I wanted to be a professional
footballer. Now I'm playing amateur football in the club where I live. Football is my passion,
I like to follow my idol Steven Gerrard. My favourite football team is Liverpool FC and
I love watching the match on TV and live. Twice a year I travel to watch the match in Liverpool,
Anfield Road. My second sport is volleyball, handball, ice hockey and ski jumping. My class
friends play football in clubs as well as volleyball and basketball. Some friends do sports like
swimming and motor cross and they have a lot of success. I have big respect for those who practise
sports especially for the people who are disabled and take part in paraolympics or marathons.

Prepared by Bartek Skiba


Hi there,
You wanted to know some interesting places in my city so here they are.
Me and my friends chose 4 popular places where young people often go.
The first was a park because you can relax there and spend some quality time
with nature, the second is Revoltion Club,the third is McDonald's, the fourth
and final is the Skate Park. I like spending a lot of time in the park because it
is very quiet and we can talk with my friends and have a good laught. As I mentiond
the next one is The Revolution club where you can have good time, meet awesome
people and dance to good music, you can forget all your daily problems there.
Next one on my list is McDonald's where we share food, drink good coffee and hide
from the weather when the days are colder. The last one is the skate park
we can go skateboarding, and roller skating. We can unload all our energy and
also keep in good shape thanks to this place. Our city is small, so there aren't
many places young people can go to. Less popular places where the youth spend time
are swimming pool, football pitch and gyms.
So that's that.

Have a nice day!

See you soon!
Rafał Czytajło from 1Ti


Damian likes playing football in his free time and he loves motocross.
Kamil likes playing volleyball and listen music.
Nobody can understand Sebastian because he likes maths ! He likes sport too.
Bartek is playing football with Damian, but he likes playing computer games too.
Paweł and Piotr loves playing guitar, and they have they own bands.
Adrian likes music, and he is playing football with Damian and Kamil.
Mateusz like watching hackey and he's playing too. He like automotive s.
Kamil likes sport, he play football everytime and everywhere.
Radek. Radek is atypical... He likes rap, reggae, rock, metal and techno music.
He loves watching Japanese anime.
Grzesiek loves skating and roller blading. He likes fitness.
I (Tomek) like moutain biking and i play guitar.

Tomek from 2TM

November 30th, 2014

Hello Italia!
Thanks for note, and we want to tell you something about our part of project.
First things first so we are group of 17 students mostly from 2nd. Technic Mechatronic and
in that only 3 persons from 1st. Class.
The school is in Sanok, a small town on east-south of Poland.Most students of our
go to school by bus, or other way of transport.
In this school we learn about our future specification in job, so we can
learn the basics of mechanics, electronics etc.
We work as group, but divided in part that makes one subjects and other group for other subjects.
In school we have to go from class to class sometimes on different floors.
We have gym, 8 IT classes and special Mechtronics facility and whole hall full of machines.
In our school there is canteen with: tee, sandwitches, soups, sweets, drinks and some school
things like notebooks.
We starts lessons at 7:10 AM and finish at 3 PM, but in school last lesson ends at 6 PM.
In our school there are about 72 teachers and we have lessons with 15 teachers.
That's gonna be all for today.
See you soon friends and hope you write back.
Adam & Patryk from 1TM


December 27th, 2014
In my school there is a volounteering club. Me and my friends take part in it.
We are working for free. What do we do ? We are teaching younger kids.
We help them with their homework. Sometimes we play music in hospices for
old people. We ale playing christmas carols or other songs, it depends on
the season. People are crying and holding our hands. It's very kind. I remember
when my friends were helping a boy in a wheelchair. (He lives on the 3rd floor).
Last time we were in the primary school where mentally disabled people were
performing nativity play. It was very honest. Working as a volounteer is
satisfactory and I'm proud that I can help people.
Tomek from 2TM

December 22th, 2014

My name is Piotrek, I go to ZS3 in Sanok on mechatronics profile. I am a volunteer.
I try to helping so much people, because when I see smile on their faces,
I feel satisfaction. Volunteering is important in my life, because helping
people give me power. Once a year on christmas from volunteering, we visit
the orphanage and hospice and we play on guitars christmas songs.
Sometimes we a collect money and food for disabilities people.
Piotrek from 2TM

December 29th


90% of students in class 2TM like Physical Education,
some like Maths, Physics and English language
only 10% of students play a musical instrument.


Most of students spend their holidays at home,
only 20% travel outside our country.


90% of students come to school by bus,
others live near our school.


50% of students buy clothes,
some save their pocket money
and some go to pubs, restaurants and bars
with friends.


65% of students listen to Rap music,
20% listen to Rock and Metal music,
other students like pop music.
Class 2TM